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Saturday, May 27, 2023

Advocating for the Removal of Traditional Barriers to Girl Child Education.

Advocating for the Removal of Traditional Barriers to Girl Child Education. 

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 Problem statement

The number of girls with chronic needs in education is high across Nasarawa state. Nearly 60% of school-age children (especially girls) of secondary school age are not attending school. They are disproportionally affected by traditional barriers. 

Girls have continued to be excluded, they have limited autonomy and face pervasive barriers including early marriage, corporal punishment, harmful traditional practices, sexual abuse and exploitation, domestic violence, and sexual harassment, the culture of marrying out the girl early as tied to religion makes school enrolment difficult and low for the girls. This is what the project is set out to address.

Project Objectives:

1). To Strengthen the capacity of staff of implementing organisations to sharpen advocacy, M&E, and organizational management skill set by January 2023 to support the advocacy on girl child school enrolment in Nasarawa state.

2). To Build an alliance with CSOs and networks by March 2023 to co-lead advocacy for the removal of traditional practices for improved enrolment and retention of girls in public primary and secondary schools in Nasarawa state.

3). To get the commitment of traditional institutions to remove traditional practices and barriers impeding girl child education in Nasarawa state.

    Project pictures from the implementation activities conducted in Nasarawa state.

Courtesy visit to key influencers and traditional rulers - The Sangari Shabu made a pronouncement directing parents to be gender sensitive in ward/children's education. and endeared government to increase political will towards granting free education to children in Nasarwa state

Courtesy visit to the traditional ruler of Migili chiefdom, The Zhe Migili for increased support towards removing traditional barriers affecting girl child education. 

            icad@2023...visit to the Migili chiefdom Nasarawa South Senatorial District.
icad@2023...visit to the Sangari Shabu Lafia North Senatorial district of Nasarawa state

    icad@2023... Participants at the Participatory Reflection and Review Process for Stakeholders to review peculiarities of traditional barriers in Nasarawa state and how it affects the Girl Child.   


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