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Thursday, September 22, 2022

What the Future Wants Organised by ICAD Nigeria.

 What the Future Wants 

A digital project for young persons' 




what the future wants exhibition had been an interactive youth-focused exhibition that show the young persons in Jos Nigeria different perspectives about technology ranging from personal to political, and to planetary discussions. 

Many visitors to the stand engaged with what the exhibition had to offer and curiously obtained first hand information on how their digital wares is devious by design. Youths can now understand why they are always glued to their phones and handheld devices. 

Hello Friend!

Do you care to listen? Does your phone irritate you?

Gentle-like a dove or radiating colours like the peacock are all characteristics attributed to  animals.

Reflect on your relationship with your device  

How does your phone makes you feel? How is it holding you to constantly donate your time to it?

Young people at the exhibition discovered how their phone interacts with them, how best to use the phones and lots more about their digital life.

"I cannot do without my phone for a day" says Vivian 

She has certainly learnt how best to balance her time, digital life including digital security and privacy during the exhibition.  


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